Initial Charge- $4
Minimum Charge- $7
Price Per Mile- $3
Each Additional 1/12th of a Mile- 25c
Wait Time- $36/hr

Unlike Transportation Networking Companies aka “Gubers”, real Taxis have a fixed rate set by your own community. We have meters that are always checked annually by the Dept. of Weights and Measures. That way, you know very closely what your final charge will be. And all taxi companies will be the same.
We don’t have the nefarious “price modifier” that can in a moment double, triple, or quadruple your rate based on an “algorithm” as Uber and other “TNC”‘s claim. What they are doing is what in the transportation industry is called “taxi rape”, charging people more money based on increased business. So, never we will we have say,”Sorry, Grandma, that trip to the grocery store is $40 instead of $10 today.”
Speaking of Grandma, she also does not have to pay the minimum fare and receives a 10% discount.
Go Grandma! Go Green Cab!