Ubers Are Gubers


1- Since the conception and proliferation of Uber Technologies in 2009, the company has generated more instances of customer assault and uninsured wrecks in the United States than the combined Taxi/Cab companies of the United States since 2006. 
This trend of uninsured wrecks and customer assault has been the same in every other country Uber has maintained operations.

2- Uninsured wrecks become the burden of the general public to compensate. No company has the right to force it’s incidental costs on the general public. 

3- Uber technologies uses a third party company (Rasier) to shift contracting liability and shelter taxation world wide. This use of third party companies in order to shift contracting liability and shelter taxation is a common practice of confidence scams. 

4- The driver and customer contracting for Uber fraudulently waive the right of the customer and driver for proper insurance and safety while using the service.

5- Uber’s driver registration process does not filter convicted felons, sex offenders or those using fake documentation from being cleared to operate for Uber. 

6- Uber technologies maintains operations that are not properly regulated by the most simple standards of safety and liability set for commercial transportation operations in air, water, rail and road transportation.

7- Uber technologies has regularly influenced the process of government regulation and legislation with bribes, threats and manipulation of the media world wide.

“The critical part that Uber omits is how it will earn a profit if it continues to lose most of its money to drivers. The answer is seems pretty obvious to me: just get rid of them.”
I read this this morning from a tech magazine.
Besides the bad grammar and cold heart, there are many other problems with this statement. 
We live in a dynamic and complex world. There is no “go away” button for facts.
And the fact is, the drivers supplement the company, not the other way around.
When the capitalists push the go away button on the drivers, they will have to cover the costs of the vehicle, repairs, maintenance, insurance, storage, you know? Is there a button that will clean the bird shit off the car? Is there a button to make the button work in areas where buttons don’t work? Do robot cars fix their own tires?
Do robots console the inconsolable on dark days? 
I hope so.
Because it looks like they are on their way.
(Yes, that’s a triple entendre. Let me see Siri do that.)